One company, many disciplines.

Utilizing diverse skills, The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry works closely with clients to create unique and
extraordinary spaces. We offer complete design service consultation, conceptual development, architecture and
interior design, to lighting design, and furniture purchasing. We engage many talented artists specializing in
various metals, glass and woodwork. We are a hands on firm where ideas and dreams are brought to reality.
The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry is based in Atlanta, but orchestrates projects nationally and beyond.


“It all starts with The Vision which can begin with a story, a bit of history, or any iconic element that captures
our imagination and incorporates all of
the senses.”

Bill Johnson,
Senior Principal


“Space is the spiritual dimension of architecture. A great design begins with a great space.
The architecture provides the framework for the design of a complete experience.”

Brian Finkel,


“Good design just feels right ... there’s a natural quality that resonates
with your soul.?/p>

Karen Teske Blue,
Director of Interior Design


“Lighting design is an art form. It is an integral part of how we create warm, intimate, exciting spaces. By combining the lamp type, direction and intensity of light, and years of experience, we paint rooms with the drama and emotion that bring our designs to life.

Anita Summers,
Principal & Lighting Designer


“Good purchasing practice is essential to bring
a good design
to reality.?/p>

Kimberly Baker,
Purchasing Director

191 Peachtree Street, Suite 2400Atlanta, Georgia

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