ROOF at The Wit

“If you want a view that’s a little more up close and personal, the ROOF at the Wit is the perfect place. Skyscrapers rise up all around you when you’re on the 27th floor of this hotel, and thanks to the cozy seating and incredible cocktails, you’ll feel like you’re living the good life. At night, the bar is illuminated in neon as the DJ spins the hottest hits, opening up the dance floor for everybody to have a good time.” —Urban Matter


Architectural, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Purchasing


Chicago, Illinois


October 2009

Surrounded by glass on three sides, ROOF at The Wit’s moody and sleek environment features a color palette of charcoal grey, black and ivory with touches of turquoise which complement the surrounding Chicago skyline. A stacked glass back bar, exterior fire pits and plush living room lounge provide the perfect, relaxed setting for cocktails 27 floors up. This project was the roof level of a new specialty hotel in downtown Chicago.