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June 2021

Forbes names Casa Don Alfonso at the Ritz-Carlton America’s Best New Italian Restaurant. “You will taste Italian sunshine but there is so much more to this restaurant than an exquisite plate of food. The entire restaurant is a glorious temple to detail; right down to the dramatic display of 600 hand-blown glass leaves … The massive open kitchen is pure culinary theatre with a hand-painted tiled backsplash and copper-clad ceiling that set the stage for the bustling squadron of toque-clad chefs.”

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April 2021

Fodor’s Travel names Casa Don Alfonso number 1 in top 15 Best Italian Restaurants in the United States.

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May 2020

Being creative in redesigning a restaurant’s layout has been key in adjusting to new guidelines, according to Atlanta-based architect Anita Summers. “A lot of what we’re doing is trying to come up with creative ideas without spending a ton of money on a whole new decor,” said Summers, who is with The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, which specializes in restaurant designs.


May 2020

“There’s something to be said for figuring out how to do all of this while maintaining some sense of the vibe and culture of a restaurant,” she said. “If guests find the new experience of dining out to be cold and depressing, or they feel unsafe, they may not come back.”

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February 2020

“Tunable white lighting is becoming more affordable and easier to specify. We’re using it at a high-end restaurant with an open kitchen where we’ll be lighting the chefs in action: The chefs need clean, bright light, but the diners want a soft, dimly lit restaurant. We can adjust the color, brightness, and glare for each light source so that it works for both parties.”

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January 2020

Designers at The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry (whose other work include Fearing’s Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas and Manzanita at The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe) also looked to yacht interiors when creating the palatial light-wood-filled penthouse.


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November 2019

“A 3,000-square-foot solarium, its vaulted glass and steel roof, tree sculpture, and sliding glass windows that open onto the plaza help make it one of the most visually stunning builds Buckhead has seen in awhile. Perhaps it should have been named The Secret Garden Room: It’s magical.”

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November 2019

“The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry designed the hotel’s refreshed public spaces, including the stunning Great Room. The expansive communal area was opened up, and bulky palm trees were replaced with more design-focused pieces to offer a vibrant grand entrance and lobby.”

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June 2019

“Cuadro 44’s design will be at the hands of The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, an innovative architectural and design firm known for creating revolutionary restaurant spaces around the globe.”

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June 2019

“Walking into Atlas Tavern’s forthcoming addition, a massive greenhouse space set to open this July, feels like stepping into an enchanted forest. Lush greenery is met with colorful decor and lighting that feels almost surreal.”

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