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November 2017

“Summers notes that now, diners want to witness the entire experience for themselves, and for sharing. ‘In addition to the food, it’s pictures of friends, overhead table shots, floor tiles, original art work, anything that captures the restaurant’s vibe,’ she says.”

Bloomberg →

July 2017

“If there were any question that we were in an age of casual dining and lounging, in which the eye wants splashes of modern color, Fearing’s recent interior re-model is a reminder. The remodel was achieved by the same design firm, Johnson Studio, which was responsible for the original design 10 years ago.”

D Magazine →

May 2014

A venue that captures cosmopolitan elegance and urban grit all at once is rare, but at Juniper and Ivy—Richard Blais’s new San Diego restaurant—the balance between sophistication and edge is spot-on. Since opening in March, the Top Chef All-Stars winner’s spirited eatery has wowed critics and patrons alike with inventive cuisine and an inspiring interior.

Architectural Digest →

FEB 2010

“Cibo Matto is a pain in the neck. I’m forever craning straight up at Todd Murphy’s sexy oval ceiling fresco—a droll computer-designed takeoff on Old Master paintings—and over to the complex reflective stainless-steel hood above the open kitchen. The Wit Hotel’s smart new Italian restaurant was designed by The Johnson Studio, the folks behind Tru, and the room is a knockout.”

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