“It’s not just the art that makes Atlas seem so extravagant; it’s the entire space. From the moment you open the wooden door with a big central brass knob, you enter a world of what Matisse might call luxecalmeet volupté.” –Atlanta Magazine


Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design, and Purchasing


Atlanta, Georgia


January 2015

Atlas was created as a “re-concept” of the existing 3-meal restaurant at the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta. New interior architecture and decor were designed to enhance the space and offer comfortable seating in 5 areas including a private dining space, bar & lounge, main dining room, and a library lounge. Terrace dining on the exterior of the hotel lets one dine under the stars.

Adorning the walls of Atlas is an extraordinary collection of modern, 20th-century art from some of the world’s most recognized artists including Freud, Chagall, Bacon, and Léger. All part of the noted Lewis Collection, each piece was thoughtfully selected and carefully placed for Atlas guests to enjoy.



“Atlanta’s Johnson Studio went to town warming up the gorgeous but chilly dining room, and their work here is brilliant.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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