Juniper & Ivy

“This is gonna be big. Real big. Richard Blais is no small talent. Top Chef: All-Stars winner. Host of his own show on Headline News (Cook Your Ass Off). Highly intelligent creative man-kid who can do some phenomenal things with liquid nitrogen, but doesn’t like being known for liquid nitrogen because he braises a fine meat, too. He’s one of the biggest up-and-coming names in American cooking, pure and simple. When he and partner Michael Rosen decided to take over the 90 year-old Helix Wholesale Co. building in Little Italy, everyone knew it’d be a project and a half. But Rosen spared no costs trying to make Juniper & Ivy into something truly special … we were able to get the first photos of what they’ve done. So I’ll stop blathering and get to the building porn. Please enjoy.” —San Diego magazine


Architecture, Interior Design, Lighting Design, and Purchasing


San Diego, California


March 2014

Located in San Diego’s Little Italy neighborhood, Juniper & Ivy is Top Chef Allstars winner Richard Blais’ cosmopolitan restaurant. One of the many architectural features includes a soaring ceiling, crisscrossed with antique redwood beams. A curvaceous banquette is set in front of an open kitchen that showcases some of Blais’ unique talents involving liquid nitrogen and sous-vide cooking.



San Diego Magazine’s Best Restaurant List, 2014 – 2019