Rumi’s Kitchen Houston

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

– Rumi


Architecture, Interior Design, and Lighting Design


Houston, Texas



The concept for Rumi’s Kitchen in Houston begins with the delicious cuisine and a celebration of its Persian origin through large scale art, arched elements and authentic materials. Rumi’s Houston showcases a poetic balance of old-world details with a refined modern twist. Guests are greeted with a glowing bar and wine wall display upon entry. The bar has a blackened steel and glass back bar with a rustic wood die wall. Arched elements are repeated throughout to harken back to Iranian architecture. These include the back bar, custom antique mirror, and decorative plastered niches. Utilizing the site’s natural surroundings an observatory was created for the private dining room. In here, guests have a specialized experience and feel connected to the restaurant due to the tall windowed walls surrounding the room. Above, a steel and glass ceiling showcases a beautiful arching oak tree with custom decorative lighting sparkling below. In the dining room, the ceiling design is composed of hand-hewn beams and rustic planks with decorative pendants scattered throughout. These lights are reminiscent of a whirling dervish creating a sense of movement above. The surrounding brick walls are covered with a warm white plaster to add to the old-world comfort. The glowing onyx expo draws attention to the action of the kitchen showcasing their craft in this delicious cuisine.

Our client wanted to expand their portfolio by opening a restaurant in Houston to participate in the blossoming dining scene. The site was part of a new build galleria with an existing structure/shell. The biggest challenge was making this space feel old world and authentic to the Persian culture as a brand-new space. Our design team had to consider the following elements that are key to the Rumi’s brand: a statement bar for drinking and dining, a variety of groupings, private dining, an open expo kitchen, and unique restrooms. Additionally, we had to work with the landlord to make sure the exterior coordinated with the rest of the galleria architecture while still complimenting the interior design.